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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fake It Til You Make It!

Why is that bald, nauseated, chemo chick still smiling? Is she faking it... ???

Faking that I'm a cancer survivor going through chemo?
Or faking that I'm actually this happy?

This morning, the one thousandth person asked me why I'm still feeling so well even though I'm in the middle of chemotherapy for stage 3 ovarian cancer. She asked how my voice is possibly this clear and strong.  I bet there are some people out there who don't get it. You might even want to slap me upside the head with all my jovial displays of happy, lovey dovey, giggling, dancing, singing, and running... no?

I feel that I need to clarify a few things here. Okay, fine,  I confess,  I'm faking. I cannot tell a lie. I'm a big fat faker. I have a lot to be scared about. I have valid reason to be mad, sad, and downright depressed. Chemo makes me nauseated, sick, tired and exhausted. I don't always want to get out of bed. I don't feel like driving, shopping, moving, or doing much of anything so.... yes, I fake it.

My motto to live by has always been, "fake it til you make it"!

Feel like a truck ran you over and you can't go on another day? SMILE!
Feel like a jerk today? Don't flip off that moron driver... laugh and smile at them!
Your two year old kept you up all night and you feel like the worst hangover ever? SMILE on! Dance it out!
Missiles flying overhead... run for the bomb shelter... and then laugh it out. Giggle like a crazy person. Just do it because it will make you and everyone around you feel good.

Jump outa bed, wash your face, get dressed... smile generously! Shoulders back, chin up, grin ON!

You know what... it works! Fake it til you make it.
It's free by the way so take it, use it, love it, and be HAPPY with me!

There's scientific proof that this method works... so please check it out.


  1. I agree 100%. When you fight rather than surrender, you don't succeed all the time, but you succeed a surprising percentage of the time. Especially if you are a smart, creative person. Which if you are a Jewish girl (or a Jewish man), you probably are.

    Like Tim Gunn says: "Make it work!"

  2. It doesn't just work for YOU, it will spread out to everyone around you - what a great role model for your kids! I love those words "smile generously". Perfect.

  3. HI Erika, So strange. I just watched this two nights ago while doing dishes! loved it. I agree. You are so amazingly strong. Keep faking it:) Just know that sometimes you could break down and cry too... Debra