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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Everyday is an Update

My DH, Little "E", and I spent the AM hours of yesterday back at the hospital. I had an appointment with my surgeon and I wanted to take the opportunity to show some thanks too. We brought my surgeon the best bottle of red wine we could find and a big box of chocolates for the staff of the ENT ward. It felt good to show thanks even though it's ridiculously small compared to what I feel in my heart for each and every person who has taken such good care of me!

Some steps leading up to my surgery were frustrating so when people came out of various places in my life and lead the way it felt like Moses splitting the sea clearing the path for me! These people are my angels. An angel I'll call, "C", got me into CT in a flash out of the goodness of her heart and on her day off after a night shift. Another angel I'll call, "Z Doc", got me in to meet my surgeon like greased lightning even though the secretary insisted I'd have to wait an entire month.... My bro, "L", got me an MRI appointment in less than 24 hours though the wait list goes back for months.... This list goes on!

In the week or two before my surgery, I ended up running around a lot. Indeed, I do other jobs besides "being a mama". One of my jobs is laundry (surprise surprise). I neglected that one for at least 4-5 loads in the spinner and unfortunately for me, when the time finally came for me to clean up (3 days before surgery) I discovered that my washing machine had committed suicide never to spin  again. Knowing I'm about to be sidelined for the next 2-3 weeks AND already having 1/2 of our clothing in the dirty laundry was enough to send me into a high speed spin-cycle! Friends and neighbors to the rescue! My friend, "L", did 3 loads including folding! The other loads were divided amongst caring neighbors. I'm happy to say we have new washer & dryer on order... hopefully arriving ASAP!

My friends, "E.G." and "L.B." prepared Sabbath meals for us with love including other sweets and treats from 4 other friends! We've been lavished with a torrent of delicious home-cooked meals every evening from our amazing community.

Yesterday, at my post-op visit , my surgeon said everything is healing nicely. The Pathology results weren't in yet. He removed the stitches and replaced the bandage. He said not to remove it for 5-6 days. He was so patient & listened to all of my questions and answered each one with care and detail. He was very gentle removing the stitches too. I don't have a lot of pain because the area is so numb from cutaneous nerve damage and maybe some feeling will come back. The worst pain is from eating because it causes whatever is left of the parotid gland to kick in and salivation hurts on the right side for now. I also have some weakness so chewing goes very slowly. I have lost most of the "post baby-weight" I've been meaning to knock off which I'm definitely not complaining about!

As far as the 3 mm tumor on the left side, the surgeon wants to wait and see what the pathology is on the right side. He said 3 mm is too small to do a FNA on. Maybe he'll request an ultrasound. I'm going back to the surgeon in 2 weeks: 28th Feb & hopefully I'll have all of the results by then...


  1. Now that the surgery is done the big question is...ARE YOU WATCHING IDOL?

  2. Hahahaha @Carol! I've been catching up & loving it!