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Sunday, February 13, 2011

What day is it again???

This has been a busy week! What day is it again???

Just to bring you up to speed... Last Sunday I had surgery, came home on Wednesday, Thursday my 5-yr-old son was "diagnosed" with ADHD, Friday was my nephew's Brit Milah, Saturday was the blessed Sabbath-day-of-rest, and today is.... what day is it again???

I'm glad to report that my tonsil pain cleared up with antibiotics. I'm experiencing a watery right eye and a general feeling that my right eye is out of sync with my left eye. Completely numb from mid-ear down the side of my face & under my chin. The up-side is that due to the numbness (nerve damage) I'm unable to feel any pain in the incision. I'm thankful for that at the moment but I'm still hoping I'm not going to shlepp a "dead" feeling in half of my face for the rest of my (hopefully VERY LONG) life.

Tomorrow AM I have an appointment with my surgeon to receive the final pathology report (hopefully) & have the stitches removed. I will also ask questions about everything I'm experiencing including what our *plan* should be regarding the 3 mm tumor on the left side.

I feel like I've been flying high... floating on air. No, I'm not taking those *fun* pain-killers. I'm wrapped up in so much love and kindness from every direction... I'm actually so grateful and thankful that I just can't really explain what it feels like. I know that I have a huge challenge ahead of me... with my son. I want to raise my boy, "Z", to be happy, self confident, and secure. I want to help him gain the tools he needs to succeed in life like maintaining "sustained mental effort", time management, organizing himself and feel good about himself in the world.

...and in other news, my 12-month-old *might* have swallowed one of those tiny button-sized batteries found in those annoying Made-in-China toy-cellphones... She was playing so quietly in the living room when I noticed she'd pried the cover off of the phone and I was only able to find 2 out of 3 batteries! Our friend the ER-dr. said we should get an X-ray to make sure it's not lodged in her esophagus... and in the meantime, I'll hope it "passes through" without incident.

Wish me luck... on my list of stuff!

UPDATE 1 trip to the emergency room + 1 X-ray = 0 batteries found in baby = pure relief!

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