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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Painful Potty Training

It's true. I have 5 kids. Four of them are potty trained and my nearly 7 month old wears diapers. I admit to being an itsy bitsy bit lazy when it comes to potty training and a real pushover for a toddler begging for a diaper... but I digress. We've overcome those hurdles. Right now I'm dealing with my cat who insists that the bathtub drain is her own personal toilet! We have had, Sarafina, for about 3 years. She came to us as a 3-year-old 2nd hand cat named, Mickey. (Who names a girl cat, Mickey???). She is pretty much free to come and go as she pleases but lately we've all noticed that Sarafina prefers to pee in the bathtub drain! I give the cat credit for making it into the correct room of the house however I am sick of disinfecting the bathtub every single day. I need suggestions. Has anyone ever successfully potty trained a cat to pee on the toilet?

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