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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Back to School Blues

In my town, the kids have summer vacation from school for 2 months. School ends as soon as July begins and the kids are back in the classroom again on September 1st. I hate school. I know that my mom will disagree with me for saying this but I have always hated it. I'm not 100% sure but I think it's the schedules and the rules that get me down. I'm not a planner and I like to be able to do things on a whim - wake up at 7 am and have a lazy morning and then go to the beach from morning til sundown. I like taking the kids places and we rarely have time during the school year with our kids in school 6 days per week...

I bought all of the kids school books and supplies. A. and M. have their school backpacks from last year and I'm thinking about buying Z. a new one for kindergarten. Little H. is starting her first day of pre-school. I am not excited about not having her around but I know she will love being with kids her age everyday. I hope she has a great first experience. H. is not one for rules and schedules yet either... so I hope she adjusts easily.

A. is going into 4th grade and M. is starting 2nd. It'll be just little E. and me everyday from 8 til 1:30.... time to whip out the jogger and get into shape!

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