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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Other Side

Tomorrow is the Big Day. Surgery to remove a tumor from my right lung. It's not a treatment; it's to hopefully create a treatment.

My oncologist has coordinated with both a thoracic surgeon and private company that will attempt to graft my tumor into mice. We hope that they will be able to pinpoint and treat the mice with specially tailored chemotherapy drugs that will be just right to kill off the type of cancer that I have.

My anxiety level is through the roof right now! It's not the hugest surgery but it's a pretty big surgery. I probably just ran my last 10 K for a while... Though I really hope my recovery from this will be speedy and I'll be out there running again soon!

I'm being hospitalized this evening. My parents are coming to be here for the kids, my DH, and me. My family and friends are gearing up....

Please pray for me. Pray for the success of the doctors, surgeons, scientists... And the mice.
See y'all on the Other Side!


  1. HUNDREDS of people are rooting for you! We are praying, breathing, walking and working, in mindfulness of your complete recovery. Today is your day towards healing. A giant step in the right direction, b'ezrat Hashem!
    May Hashem bless your surgeons with heightened skills and your anaesthesiologists with supreme sensitivity to your body's needs. May you sleep, and wake up, knowing that you are safe. Peace.

  2. Erika, you are on my daughters school lists and I asked my sons to make a misheberach for you today at shacharis. We are all davening for you. Refuah Shelaima.

  3. Thinking of you Erika and sending good energy! xxx, Shalva

  4. Hi Erika, have you explored naturopathy? I am at the start of my cancer journey and have just been reading about 2 types: and
    Wishing you refuah shlema.