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Monday, October 15, 2012

Hoping for Chemo?

Today is a bit different than my last chemotherapy day. While last time I was weepy and annoyed about getting chemo, today, due to yesterday's low neutrophil count, I might not be allowed to get chemo! Right now I'm sitting on my bed in the oncology ward HOPING and PRAYING that my neutrophil count went up just enough in the last 24 hours to afford me the physical ability to receive my two chemo drugs! Today, when the elbows came out for the race to the number dispenser, I stayed strong. I tried not to get too upset by the reactions of some of the other nervous patients though it does discourage me... Because I figure we ALL have cancer and we are ALL here for the same reason so shouldn't we want to be nice to each other? But I digress... Here's to hoping for chemo.

Update: I got my chemo and I'm nearing the end of the second drug "bag" and I'll need a treatment called, "Nulestim" after each chemo to help keep my bone marrow up and working... Making plenty of neutrophils and other white blood cells. All in all, I had a pretty emotional day which was made better by having my new friends, E.S. & her amazing father, Y. May he be blessed with a refuah shleimah (a full recovery). And... Of course my loving and caring husband who puts up with me!!!


  1. Focusing on your neutrophil count now in my head.... Hoping you get a good count!!

  2. We're rooting for your neutrophils! And for you!