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Friday, August 20, 2010

New Dawn, New Day, and all that

I don't know what possessed me to stay up so late last night writing that dark post about Super-Mom but I did it and I don't delete posts. I was up with Baby E. at dawn. By 6 AM we came downstairs so that little E. could play with toys on her quilt and not accidentally roll off of my bed! The 4 bigger kids were already up and playing down in the playroom. My eldest daughter came and took little E. to play with them in the playroom and I went back to sleep for TWO whole hours!!! I feel like a new mama.


  1. It took an accidental google search, finding a tweet by you about my blog and reading your profile to figure out that this is your blog! Glad to have found it though. Hope you keep posting.

  2. Thanks TO! You know how much I love your blog...
    I hope to keep writing too. Come back soon!