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Friday, April 27, 2007

Is Breastfeeding In Public Legal?

Is breastfeeding in public legal? Many moms wouldn't think twice about stopping in the local coffee shop to nurse their hungry baby. I wouldn't. The recent news story about the woman in Boca Raton who was asked to leave a Florida eatery for breastfeeding is a suitable example of why breastfeeding moms need to know their rights. She was nursing her baby son during a family dinner at Houston's when management asked her to leave. Unsure of her rights to breastfeed in public the young mother left to finish feeding her hungry baby in her parked car.

According to a Florida law, women have an unconditional right to breast-feed anywhere, public or private, covered or uncovered. The bottom line is, she was doing nothing wrong - nothing against the law. While I am sorry for the humiliation this young mother was put through, I hope it brings some attention to the issue. Breastfeeding in public is natural and women and babies have the right to do it anytime and anywhere. As long as public opinion remains divided, people who are offended by it need to look the other way... or perhaps they should be the ones asked to go finish their meal in a parked car.

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