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Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Please Continue To Pray For Ahava Emunah bat Chava Ehta

Bruised and banged up - my new normal due to imbalance and falling regularly

Throughout my journey with cancer, I've been blessed with a devoted and professional team of oncologists, doctors, and nurses. My care has always been well thought out and I've been given opportunities to participate in up-to-date testing and treatments as they became available.

Treatment of BRCA cancer has evolved and new research data and developments jump out at every corner.  At different junctions of my cancer journey, I've gone through countless procedures and been almost constantly in some form of treatment. Many of the treatments were covered by my insurance though some have come at a huge expense and needed to be paid for privately. The cancer industry is a booming and wealthy, successful business.

I try not to dwell on the politics of drug companies - as long as they're being helpful to me and not harming my care. I've experienced the kinder side of pharmaceutical companies; two who actually supplied me with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of medications. Obviously my personal data is now owned by them for their research which, I'm more than happy to participate in especially if it helps other patients.

Currently, I'm receiving oral chemotherapy. I'm getting the full dose which, is very high and isn't without harsh side effects. I'm very grateful that the oral chemotherapy is administered at home and doesn't require as many hospital visits. Unfortunately, I suffer from mouth sores and digestive issues which, seem to be making it impossible for me to reach a healthy body weight. I still cannot complain! I am finally at a point where I can maintain a weight compatible with life - though underweight, I'm blessed to have a working digestive system that can absorb enough calories to keep me alive and with a bit of energy too on some days.

I NEED your prayers! Lately, I've experienced difficulty with balance and severe dehydration. Yesterday, I fell while walking slowly. I did not trip. I simply lost my balance and it appears I may have either fractured or bruised several ribs on my right side as well as receiving a nasty bruise on my left knee. I appreciate every prayer which are worth more to me than diamonds and gold!!!

Over the years, it's become clear to me that most oncologists and medical physicians do not rely on or believe that changes in diet and nutrition can affect, slow or impact cancer or survival rates.

As long as I'm following the conventional expertise of my medical team, I feel empowered by taking responsibility for making healthy nutritional decisions and lifestyle changes. I have done a lot of research and invested a lot of time in learning more about restricting glucose (sugar) intake and maintaining a low-carb diet.

Over the years I've been more and less vigilant about my eating however I've mostly remained low-carb and of recent times, due to the increased stamina and destruction of the cancer wreaking havoc on my body -  I've become more strict in maintaining a ketogenic metabolic type of diet.

Many strangers and friends have asked me about the metabolic "treatment" lifestyle that I've adopted and I'm happy to share what I've researched and what I know.

In the next 2 posts, I will share the notes I've taken on the subject of the Ketogenic Lifestyle. No pressure... anyone who is interested is welcome to comment or make suggestions or completely ignore these posts - of course.

Please pray for Ahava Emunah bat Chava Ehta



  1. Thank you for sharing. You are such a strong woman... keeping you in my prayers.

    1. Thank you for your prayers! They're priceless and SO meaningful to me!

  2. My dietitian says not to go full on keto, because it is dangerous for your brain. I do an LCHF diet (been on it 6+ months). I don't feel any difference, but my sugar levels are better.

    1. Studies that ive read indicate that the brain actually oarticipates in the production of ketones for neurons and therefore is hugely beneficial in treating neurodegenerative illness including diseases that cause dementia like Alzheimers. The brain is a fatty organ and requires fat to function.

    2. I know there are a lot of people who swear by the ketogenic diet :) I hope it does fantastic things for you!

  3. I'm always always praying for you. You are an amazing example of a life well lived. Of enjoying everything available on earth, and so appreciated. Very much looking forward to and learning from your upcoming posts!!!

  4. It's always amazing to read yr well written positive posts and that you have the stamina n energy to write them. What did you do bc? B4 children? I have recently discovered kefer and make it every couple of days. Dont know if it fits into a keto diet and it's very beneficial for the gut bacteria. I know yr mil and you r certainly in my thoughts n prayers. Keep on keeping on xx

  5. Thank you! Is Kefer similar to Greek yogurt? What is the recipe? I eat full fat dairy products and would try it as long as it’s not low-fat....