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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Random (and not so random) Acts Of Kindness

Melabev Bat Mitzvah girls baking challahs in my honor and holding up signs that say, "AHAVA EMUNAH" in Hebrew

This is another piece about.... me. About cancer.

I am happy - you knew that, and I prefer to drink my coffee from a heart-shaped mug. I prefer everything heartshaped, marked with "LOVE", pink, rainbows.... you name it.

When I think about my journey, what comes up so many times - in my soul - are the acts of kindness that I constantly experience.

I have friends and neighbors who bake or bring small tokens of their "thinking about you...." gifts. I receive acts of kindness from around the world and in my community.  I receive letters from strangers and aquaintences via Facebook or e mail, and even from celebrities in the form of video clips!

There is an extra special group of girls, in a Bat Mitzvah preparation program, who have been adorable! They baked challahs in my honor for a refuah shleimah (speedy recovery). I had the merit of speaking to them a few months ago about kindness towards the sick.

 I was so impressed by the sensitivity of the questions asked. I'm hopeful for our future, knowing that such thoughtful and special young women are already on the path of good deeds.

The other day, I received a CD of beautiful and calming piano music from a musician I just met! He must've gone through the trouble of aquiring my mailing address to send me the professionally made CD of his piano talent!

The point is not how lucky I am, but how hopeful these acts of kindness make me about my inner circle and the entire world in general. I don't live in a hole... I know there's immense pressure and strife from sea to sea. Here, in my tiny bubble, I live amongst the beauty of rainbows and unicorns. sometimes I'm openminded enough to see it. It's so precious; I must share it with the world!

Pass it on.... random and directed acts of kindness will save the world! Curing the world with kindness, one act at a time... We may all be like tiny pixels or minute grains of sand. We each have the ability to sparkle and uplift our own souls. By making our own souls "juicy", we heal the world.


  1. Dear Ahava Emuna,

    May Hashem grant you a complete refuah!!!

    We don't personally know each other. I live in RBS and have been following your journey for the past few years.
    Your strength and determination to fight this disease is an inspiration as well as your courage. I am certain that the smile and hope that accompanies you on this journey is most pleasing to your Father above.

    Your strength reminds me that of Aharon Margalit in his book "As long As I live."

    May the prayers and good deeds done in your merit accompany you on this journey ad 120!

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