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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Metastatic Happiness

I am happy.
If a stranger were to bump into me on the street, for the first time, they might think that I'm a woman with a very funky buzzcut. I don't think they would know what lurks under my physical facade. 

I smile.
I laugh.
I AM happy.

I have all of the prerequisites for being happy:
I'm married to the man of my dreams.
I'm blessed with five wonderful children.
I have the best parents, brothers, sisters-in-law, nephews and niece.
I'm blessed with a loving and supportive extended family.
I'm blessed with caring friends who are so fun to spend time with.
I live in a loving supportive community.
I believe that there's One God above and He is good.
I live in the Holyland.
I have an awesome pet dog.
I enjoy my life.
I feel loved.

Today, I needed to fax my medical papers to Bituach Leumi (Social Security) and when I stopped to read my own PET scan results and pathology reports, I felt like I was reading someone else's disastrous nightmare. Surely I cannot be the site embodying such an aggressive and nasty colony of cancer! I'd forgotten so many of the details. How can it all be true?

I'm happy. I chose this happy path that I'm on... Not the cancer. Life.
I want to spread it around... Like cancer spreads. Not only do I want to infest my world with the joy and love that I feel, I want my happiness to metastasize to every person I know and every person I meet along the way.

That's all I have to say for now.


  1. You just made me happy! What a great pic!

  2. You are absolutely succeeding! Everyone who has the good fortune to know you can't help but be "infected" with your love and joy!

  3. I lucille demartino who have never placed my eyes upon you...i love u!..i thank God for u!

  4. Ahava….. Again and again you trigger in me something so special. You are love and life and a reason for those of us that Love you to yearn for the wisdom love and light that comes from your ultra super duper extra high octane heart and soul. I LOVE YOU ERIKA oops… Ahava Emunah! And if you did not write so beautifully I would love you just as much because you are special just because. Thank You again and again and again and again.

  5. Your love and joy is infectious beyond words. What a blessing you are!

  6. An amazing woman!! Your gift of happiness are such a blessing to so many of us! Thank you for sharing and may Hashem be with yoi every step of the way! Mc

  7. You are an amazing, inspiring person. Thank you.

  8. Speaking as someone who "ran into you" Happiness leaps off of you, so glad we bumped into eachother!

  9. What an inspiration! May you have a complete and speedy refuah!

  10. If smiles alone could cure the ills of the world, your smiles alone would have rid us of all the evils and ills known. Keep fighting, keep smiling...ignore the reports...what sums you up best is not what is written in the charts, but what you write in your heart and the hearts of everyone you touch.

  11. Thank you Ahava, you make the world a better, happier place.

  12. Ahava has made my days better.....she is sent from God!

  13. You are an inspiration! May Hashem send you a refuah shlema!!

  14. You are an inspiration! May you have a refuah shlemah and continue to spread smiles wherever you tread 'ad 120!' Be'H!!

  15. Amazing..... As always inspired....

  16. Amazing as always ... Davening that you should have a full refuah shelama and always be so inspiring!