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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Rip the Bandage Off Quickly

Everybody is waiting for news. I've been public, open, honest and it's a two-sided situation. It's therapeutic for me. It saves me emotional energy because people, who want to know, can read my updates and I don't have the need to go into detail each time I see people. My immediate family also reap comfort from being able to share and inform their friends and neighbors without personally going into detailed conversations about my situation everywhere they go.

Good news is the easiest to share. A brief hurray on Facebook is completely acceptable. Sharing bad news is extremely difficult. I'm worried about how the recipient is going to cope, react. It's horrible to see tears and pain that my situation is inflicting on everyone around me.

I think the best way - maybe - is to just rip the bandage off quickly and get it over with. Short, factual and to the point. I received the news from my PET CT scan today. There's a cancerous tumor in my lung and another cancerous tumor deep inside my liver. They are both small tumors that couldn't be seen on a regular CT scan. I will need treatment.

What this means is that the cancer is more advanced. It's stage 4. We need time to absorb and internalize this very shocking and bad news. I don't have any other information right now so the one thing I would ask of people is to please not ask me or my family questions about treatment plans because we don't know yet. I'm in the hands of the most caring and devoted doctors. We have time to make plans and hopefully come up with the best treatment options available in the world.

For those who know us and see our kids... please don't ask them any questions about me. No sad faces please. That's my only request at this time.

Thank you for you support, love, and prayers! I need them now, more than ever!

Please pray for Erika bat Chava Ehta. (name update: Ahava Emunah bat Chava Ehta)

Shabbat shalom - may we all have a peaceful Sabbath.


  1. You continue to be in my thoughts.

    You, your husband, your kids and other immediate family absolutely do not need to be worrying about or responding to other peoples questions and fears...... And the above link gives a nice graphic to help remind others.

    Much love to you.

  2. Wishing for you peace.
    Sending you both medals for bravery.
    שבת שלום ומבורך

  3. Do not lose your hope. You will find the best treatment! Shocking news, yes, but this is not the end of the day.

  4. Best wishes Erika bat Chava ebht. May you be blessed by a miracle from our merciful G-d. Prayers for you and yours. ♡

  5. Love you guys - davening for you and sending strength to you and the entire family. You are all extraordinary people. Let's pray!

  6. Ein milim...davening hard..have a peaceful shabbat and love your family

  7. Can I daven for you at home? is that something a woman can do? even if she isn't an observant woman?
    No questions...for you, anything! sending much love and positive energy. Keep the faith Erika, Keep the Faith in everything, I believe the dr's will find a way to help you.

  8. Dearest Erika, This is shocking news but we won't give up praying for a miracle.
    Thinking of you so much and with so much love.

  9. Erika, my prayers continue for you. I'll be watching for news. I tried to go to your FB page tonight & it was unavailable which concerns me deeply. I hope this link works for you. It is so beautiful.

    Mi Sheberach
    Uploaded by Jonathan Freund
    The Jewish Prayer for Healing, in Debbie Friedman's setting, sung by Cantor Don Gurney of Wilshire Boulevard Temple in Los Angeles