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Monday, September 3, 2012

What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger

Thank you, Megan, for making this amazing and inspiring video!!! Your smile and shinning energy is beautiful and contagious!

This song is awesome and embodies the attitude and energy that I want to surround myself with right now.  I'm more tired than usual but I still want to laugh and smile and dance! This video makes me want to get up and move to the beat!


  1. Wow!! How can I contact this Megan and tell her what an incredible video she has made here? What an inspiration she is! Erika, hold onto this kind of inspiration - you, too, will dance and sing and smile just like this! Love you and always here if you need anything, Debbie B.

  2. Erika, you have ruined me for all other music! All I do is hum this and sometimes - to the dismay of the people around me - sing it out loud All Day Long! Who wouldn't want to be stronger and standing taller? You can now add "Teacher" to all your other job descriptions :) Love, Shev