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Friday, September 29, 2017

Precious Moments Like These...

Today I had my 2nd SBRT radiation treatment at Moores. The 1st treatment left me vomiting my guts out and fearing I would be too weak and tired to enjoy the remainder of my stay in spectacular La Jolla. I refuse to allow physical vulnerability to downgrade my gratitude or exhilaration which may seem to come from the skies  but it's my mindset. My journey continues - thankfully - with meaningful experiences that I may have never had the opportunity to have had my path in life been different.

This Life is is so complicated and wrought with pain, suffering, and insecurity. yet time and time again I'm blessed with precious moments that remind me why my life is meaningful.

After Rosh HaShana, I was asked to give a talk to 7th graders preparing for bar/t mitzvah. I hesitated for a few seconds... just wondering if I had the inspiration to do it well enough to bring a message that could speak to such a young group of youth at a significant crossroads in their lives.

I said yes.

The honor was all mine.

After their prayer service and celebratory breakfast - I was their guest speaker. The audience was made up of girls and boys in 7th grade, their parents, and teachers. The sanctuary was silent and my voice boomed and reverberated in that beautiful space with giant windows. The trees outside were beautifully swaying and the natural light shinned in - bringing the power of nature into our space.

It ended up being a delightful and momentous morning for me... and a cross-section of our present and our future. These are our children now who will lead us into tomorrow.

Precious moments like these make (my) life meaningful... I hope so too for the treasured souls that I had the honor of connecting with.

On the eve of our Jewish Day Of Atonement - Yom Kippur - we reflect on the past year. Did we appreciate all of the gifts that God blessed us with? Did we have gratitude for each day? Were we kind? Were we generous with our time and did we give of our souls? Did our challenges bring us closer to God... did we forgive? Did we forgive God for our moments of distrust and suspicion - were we forgiven? Did we forgive ourselves? 

G'mar chatimah tovah! May you be inscribed in The Book Of Life for good! 


  1. You touch everyone you meet (me included). You are such a blessing in this world!!! Love you!!!

  2. How beautiful. What a gift life is.

  3. Beautiful, Ahava Emunah. You never cease to amaze. May HaShem grant you the Refuah Shlaima you so richly deserve. Davened for you a lot on Yom Kippur as well as at the Meara on Friday, of course. Hugs!

  4. Ahava most people live to 100 and never touched someone's life as you did, you touched and changed the trajectory of all that were fortunate to be in that room.

  5. Nothing but love.❤️❤️๐Ÿ”—(closest to infinty I could find๐Ÿ˜Š)