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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rabbi Shlomo Katz - A Home Visit

A week ago I had chemotherapy. Shlomo Katz, a well know rabbi, educator, musician, and a dear family friend, made a special trip to our home. I finished chemotherapy, for the day, and we drove home. My dear SIL, Briana, brought all the meat, French fries and salad, my DH barbecued, while my mom, brothers, Levi, Matt, and Josh, SIL, Hadar, children, nephews, and niece joined in the celebration of....  Rav Shlomo came to celebrate with us. I think what we were celebrating developed easily and clearly. Just life. Just being alive. Just being a family together. 

1 comment:

  1. So beautiful. I felt like I was sitting around the fireplace with you all... And there wasnt even a fireplace!

    And let me tell you this: You neednt ever justify celebrations. Celebrate the celebration if you must... but A.B.C... always be celebrating.