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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Feed Me Seymour!

Happy Sunday! Today marks 2 weeks since my surgery. It's weird how time works. I'm glad to be home and getting back into the groove of life. I'm still riding the emotional post-op. wave and thankfully (or not) the mundane is still special. For 2 weeks, I didn't do a whole lot. Today, I woke up before 6 AM. I did everything I used to do like getting the kids ready for pre-school, kindergarten, and school - packing snacks, waiting for Z's minibus to pick him up, driving H to pre-school, and A & M to school. Those were tasks that I just did without much thought until now. Now it feels like something more. Will it last?

Now that the bandages are off for good and I've been able to wash my surgery site properly it looks okay - not too grisly. The previous post photo was snapped today. I imagine I'll always have a trace of scar as a symbol of the surgery; a battle scar. I earned it after all I went through. A considerable section of the right side of my face is wooden. I have zero sensation there. It feels like I went to a psycho-dentist and had novocaine injected in my ear, cheek and neck. Feed me Seymour!

Audrey II: Feed me!
Seymour: Does it have to be human?
Audrey II: Feed me!
Seymour: Does it have to be mine?
Audrey II: Feeeed me!
Seymour: Where am I supposed to get it?
Audrey II: [singing] Feed me, Seymour / Feed me all night long - That's right, boy! - You can do it! Feed me, Seymour / Feed me all night long / Ha ha ha ha ha! / Cause if you feed me, Seymour / I can grow up big and strong.

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