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Friday, May 18, 2007

Garden in Progress

The weeds are whacked and it's time to plant! That's Atara standing in our backyard with the dry dead weeds - much better than the jungle that was here about a week ago! We are in hurry to get the grass and watering system in before Shmita begins.

Yesterday afteroon Atara, Maya, Zach and I had a good time "exploring" in the garden... though we were unable to locate the tortoise with the red heart on it's shell. The tortoise has been living in our garden and we painted a red heart on it's shell with nail-polish so we'd be able to identify if it was the same tortoise each time!

Yesterday I planted some flowers...
it was fun going to the nursery and choosing all types of plants and flowers. We already have quite a few fruit trees, palms, and bushes. Our yard is lacking in color so I chose quite a few flower-type things.
I am not quite sure of all of the names of the flowers. When choosing what to buy I made sure to select the *heartiest* types of flowers and ground-cover. I plan to only plant things that grow year-round and won't die after one season.

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  1. It is ridiculous that Shmita brings huge income to Israeli enemies in Gaza and the Palestinian territories. Whatever are the religious overtones, they cannot excuse purchases from HAMAS voters. What do you think of Obadiah Shoher interpretating Shmita as charity obligation rather than agricultural rule? (Here, for example ) Anyway, I'll better buy from atheist kibbutzim than from Gaza.