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Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happiness And Personal Growth - Perspective

Everything is for the good and I repeat this sentence all the time because it’s true. I didn’t make it up. It comes from the wisdom of those much smarter and learned than I am. Of course, nasty painful things happen to every single person on earth, but that doesn't mean that they are bad. A simple example that everyone can relate to: medicine often has awful side effects but who would say that medicine is bad because it causes so much pain? Medicine also saves lives....

What about "good" versus "evil."?

The common argument is that if God is good than everything that happens in this world should look and feel good. The source of evil is never God. Originally, everything from God is good. However, by the time it actually takes place, it may, for some reason, result in a bad thing.  A loving and kind gesture might be delivered, but on the way the act gets misinterpreted and misconstrued by improper reporting or deliverance of the kindness. That's bad, but it's not God's fault. That's human error.
In the case of bitter medicine, some will ignore the need to relieve an illness or pain and therefore refuse to swallow it or receive the painful injection. Willingly or not, the painful moment has the potential to get rid of pain for a long time but if we refuse to try - we will continue to suffer - possibly endlessly.
There are two kinds of "evil": 
Is a temporary setback which soon proves to be a blessing in disguise, like medicine, evil?
What about life threatening threats like sickness or death which, seem to possess no good at all. It's necessary to have faith and trust to know that some things hold a purpose known only to The Almighty. This is probably the most difficult type of thing to accept even for people who have faith and even if you believe in One God, the One Creator, who created heaven and earth, light and darkness, and everything that exists. 
I believe that the Creator of the whole world is 100% pure good, and no evil can come from Him. The only one I can change is myself and it’s something that can be difficult to accept because it’s human nature to want to bend and convert those around us to our way of thinking and our way of doing things. It’s this born instinct that causes political unrest and wars. 
I have learned, along the way, that when I’m feeling sad or upset about someone or something - it always means that it’s time for me to make a change in me. Anger and sadness can be a God-send wake-up call. A gift and an opportunity to change Those changes can have a positive impact on one person and believe it or not... the whole world!

A well known story which took place during the first week of Creation tells a tale about all of the newly formed animals that were busy testing out their abilities; flipping and hopping around. There was this one imbalanced animal that wasn't enjoying his newly acquired abilities and limped and floundered around; envious and jealous of his animal friends because they could jump, walk, and fly while he couldn't.
The frustrated creature turned to God and cried and blamed the Great Creator, "God! Why did you make me into such a pathetic useless creature?!"
God tried to soothe and comfort the self-pittying animal. "My creature, I'm here to help you rise above all the other creatures."
Suddenly two heavy limbs appeared on both sides of the animal. At first the creature was overjoyed, but when he tried to walk or run, he felt the weight of two appendages and that made him feel even more awkward and unstable.
The animal returned to God and complained again, "These floppy things are making everything worse!" 
"Silly bird, those are wings. Use them to fly!" God replied.
It all depends on our perspective. The lesson learned from this famous story is that  sometimes our seemingly worst challenges and painful obstacles become our greatest sources of growth. 

Happiness can and should be a part of every journey - we choose it - it’s not a destination unattainable. I know I must sound a bit like a broken record because, I say these things all the time however it's the truth and I will continue to spread it. 

I continue to experience that joy and happiness are the products of faith, gratitude, and being thankful for every moment and for every single thing that I have. 

It truly changes my mindset and lifestyle to take pleasure in witnessing the happiness of others.  Being able to give a blessing to someone else is one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity and will result in feelings of wonder and ecstasy inside... that's happiness.

Living this particular path actually guarantees many more blessed days. The concept of "Always being happy" is a derivative of making personal changes which, produces something magical and that byproduct is true happiness.

Please continue to pray for me: Ahava Emunah bat Chava Ehta

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  1. keep on keeping on E,
    FAITH HAS power
    Ever in our thoughts and prayers Shirley ( Perth) xxxx