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Monday, December 14, 2015

Speaking of Journeys....

Over the past few years, I've had the pleasure of speaking to different groups; to doctors and medical students, the general public, and for institutions and organizations. As anyone who knows me sees, I express myself openly and shamelessly via my writing and social media. It's an honor and also humbling to receive feedback. Through my outreach and via my writing, I've met people in person and virtually - from around the world who have touched my life in ways I never would've known.

Public speaking, for me,  is enjoyable because I'm so passionate about the subject matter. I'm passionate about spreading my message and about saving lives. Whether it's inspiring or informative; that's for any individual to decide. I don't TRY to inspire. I view myself as a vessel with a purpose. I'm just a tiny grain of sand on this temporary part of this journey called: life on earth.

I recently spoke to a group of women. I had an inspirational singer with me. While I won't post my friend singing publicly, I will share an edited version of my talk. I've yet to upload the full 31 minutes to YouTube.... so here's the "trailer".

We're all on a journey.


  1. You inspire me to try to be a better doctor.

  2. You are amazing. Thank you for everything you do.