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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Keep My Soul Hungry

Just when you think that life is going in one direction, a gust of apocalyptic wind whooshes in and changes your whole life direction. You think it's one thing yet, it's another. Cancer comes and cancer goes.... and it comes back again. Everyone has it. It comes in many forms: depression, anxiety, illness, and grief.
This world is flawed. Every individual is blemished and imperfect and generations of our People survived the worst of times and produced a plethora of successful leaders, artists, and thinkers. Eras that were worse than most of us can imagine gave birth to the greatest periods of development, technology, and advancement of Humankind.

Perhaps this is no epiphany to some however I am beginning to think struggles and challenges are God's gifts to our souls - so we can grow and become closer to Him. Cancer is a parasite that lives only to destroy and overtake the physical body.  Life challenges and struggles are the cancers of the soul. These bloodsucking trials enter our bodies and our souls and we conquer them - maybe for a day, a week, or for years, and make us change and grow.

Maybe I should say, Thank YOU God for loving me and caring enough to challenge my existence on this Earth, making my soul stronger, more involved and rugged. We may live in denial but our lives as mortals are so very short. We are Earthbound for a flash in time while our souls are eternal.

I'm impulsive. I get bad news and I flip out, cry, and lose many nights of sleep. I calm down with thought and some time. I can begin to grope the monstrosity and the terror and feed it to my hungry soul and I pray I can digest it into encouragement and confidence.

I pray to You, God, keep my soul hungry. Let me eat the nourishing afflictions that You send to my body and spirit. Make my eternal soul greater before You take my body away.

Keep my soul hungry. Make me grow better. I know my soul is indestructible and these tribulations will bring me closer to You. I am not the vessel that is a temporary home to my soul. I am my spirit and I am forever.

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