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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Where Is Love

I packed my bag; Ipad, chemo quilt, insulated cup for ice. Bright and early, my DH, David, and I returned to Shaare Zedek Medical Center for Tuesday morning chemotherapy. 
Nobody wants to return to the Chemo Lounge for Part II, the chemo sequel. All the familliar faces; the nurses, the doctors, the secretaries, the volunteers bringing drinks and chocolates.... Every single person working in oncology is there to help save lives and lessen the pain of those suffering through the disease that is Cancer. It's probably one of the most difficult places to work. A place where NONE of your customers wants to be. Everyone has a life threatening illness. Everyone is probably at an all-time low in their life. I have a choice - I can be miserable and mean or I can put on a brave face, and find reasons to laugh and smile.
I have the most supportive and loving husband who holds my hand and accompanies me to every single appointment and treatment.  When I realized I would have to start chemo treatment again, I was so angry! I could've punched a hole through a concrete wall... but I had nobody to be angry at... 

On my first morning back-to-chemo, I was greeted with loving hellos from every nurse and doctor and secretary on the ward. My sister (in-law), Briana, met me there. I don't encourage anyone to come and spend time in the Chemo Lounge. I feel guilty bringing anyone there who doesn't need to be. 
  Briana is the kind of sister you always want around.  She IS sunshine - which would be a cliche about anyone else but her. I was (guiltily) VERY happy to have Briana with me most of the day. Before the chemo drips arrived, I was lavished with reflexology and healing from one of the volunteers. ...And then there was, Sarah Zadok, a close friend of mine, who drove all the way down from the Golan. With David, Bri, and Sarah, the chemo day flew by and we even laughed (a bit too loudly) quite a few times!

One of the highlights of my day was when my oncologist sang his way into my room with, Where Is Love. You know, because my name, Ahava, means, love....  At the end of the day, my friend, Orit, surprised me with a visit and lit up the room with her smile and humor... around the same time large group of medical students came to visit my room to speak with me. That was very special and inspirational.

My Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter were buzzing all day with words of love and encouragement.

Chemotherapy aside, it was truly a fun day!  As we left the hospital... a huge group of medical clowns happened to be pouring out of the main building - WHAT?! Yes! I don't know what hit me but it was hysterical laughter. The long and tiring day climaxed with medical clowns; adults, all women, dressed in the silliest attire and red noses. Wow.

The day after was pretty awful. It's something similar to having a very bad stomach virus. Achy body, nausea... you want to stay close to your favorite bathroom and not much else.

Today, is a day for celebration... our second child's 11th birthday! It wouldn't be right or fair to let the day go by without properly acknowledging the miracle of our baby girl! So, I got myself dressed, and my mom, Briana, and I went shopping for birthday presents. We pulled together a bouquet of birthday balloons and made the day pretty fine considering how physically awful I'm feeling.

Where is love? I never have to look very far.


  1. I love this message today, Ahava.

  2. Love your positive vibes -- keep it up!!

  3. Hope u enjoyed the "mystery manot"
    Keep smiling..u make us all smile

    1. Thank u so much for the beautiful and delicious Purim surprise! It was enjoyed by my whole family :-) Shabbat shalom u'mevorach!!!!

  4. Do u remember us from Trager?
    Some friends of yourd called to send them to you..we were happy to help make u smile!

  5. omg...i cried...i know this song well...and i have sang life went on...i did sing bringing the old days(old for me)..back...when singing was how I dealt with loss...

    sending u love Ahava