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Friday, March 14, 2014

It's Purim! There's gonna be a #happylanche all over the world!

It's started! The pre-Purim shenanigans! The kids are all dressed up today in their costumes to celebrate the holiday of, Purim, at pre-schools, kindergartens, and schools all over Israel! It's such fun to go from school to school and see all of the brides, soldiers, princesses, warriors, lions, cats, and circus animals.... Funny masks, wigs, and make-up.

It's definitely cause for mass #happylanche activity!

At the beginning of the week, it was decided that I would start chemotherapy today. In the meantime, I had a portacath inserted into my chest and other medical tests taken care of. By midweek, my oncologist and I agreed that I should just enjoy the holiday... So chemotherapy is postponed to begin next Tuesday. Today I'm enjoying my pink wig and my אהבה (Ahava/love) shirt that my friend, Efrat, got for me on the day I changed my name.

Purim is the holiday of hidden miracles. G-d's name doesn't appear at all in the entire Megillah of Esther. The whole saga and breathtaking suspense unravels with G-d behind the scenes, yet hidden in name, while the entire drama unfolds. It's true... Just about every Jewish holiday boils down to the same point; They tried to kills us, The Almighty Above saved us, let's eat! We eat (and drink) to celebrate Purim but we also give food and money to the poor and deliver gifts baskets filled with treats to our friends and neighbors.

The main theme of Purim, or at least one of them, is the aspect of היפוך (hipuch- sudden reversal). The evil, Haman, had the gallows set up and ready to hang the Jew, Mordechai. What could have been a great tragedy for the Jewish People was reversed at the last minute, turning our story into one of the greatest ancient comedies of all time! ...ending with Haman, the Evil, dangling from the rope.

This joyful comedy isn't for one second lost on the Nation of Israel... Or on me. The month of, Adar, the Jewish month that hosts the fun and happy holiday, Purim, is a month of miracles! Purim is a celebration of the sudden reversal. A perfect time to pray for reversal.... Please G-d, hear my cries, my prayers! Please reverse the decree.... Of Cancer! ...and please bring me refuah shleimah (full recovery)! 

May we all be blessed and enjoy a peaceful and restful Shabbat around the world! May it be G-d's will to reverse any decrees of illness or death (chas veshalom) on me or my family or my friends or Am Yisrael!

Happy Purim!

My friend, Susie, made this giant AWESOME #happylanche hamentaschen for me! The Hebrew translates to: Happy Purim to the Lange Family, when there's love (Ahava) and faith (Emunah) there is joy (simcha). Thank you so much Susie!!!


  1. <3 Love and #happylanche from over here!

  2. Looks like you are definitely in the pink today! hahaha
    Have a joyous and just plain fun holiday!
    I start most days now with a rendition of "Happy" and have my
    very own Happylanche! Thank you, Ahava !