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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Living Sincerely - Jerusalem Marathon

Last Friday (March 1st), was the magnificent marathon in Israel's capital - JERUSALEM! The experience of running in the 10K at the Jerusalem Marathon was possibly one of the greatest events of the year for me. I started planning about 6 months ago, around the time that I started chemotherapy treatments. I knew that I wanted to raise money for an organization close to my heart and I set my goal; to complete the 10 kilometer race alongside my family and friends. Six months ago... March, 2013 seemed like a distant dream.

my bro, Levi, carried me thru
As the weeks passed, marked by one chemo after the other, I began to worry about my physical ability to participate in and complete the 10 kilometers through the very steep hills of Jerusalem. In the end those worries were put to rest and the excitement and anticipation took over - sucking out any remaining doubt. Accompanying me on the day of the race: a film crew of high school girls making their final project movie, my husband, David, and our two eldest daughters, 4 out of 5 of my brothers, Eli, Matt, Levi, and Josh, Team (Erika) Tishkofet, my running partner, Joules from Ohio, and many many friends who came to cheer us on and participate in the outstanding atmosphere that is the very spiritual and unique Jerusalem Marathon.  The morning started out very chilly, shadowed by dark clouds and a few rain drops yet as we moved along the course, the sun peeped out and shone down on the thousands of people who came to run through the ancient streets of the Holy City. The hills were not smaller than I'd imagined. Everybody talked about "those hills" leading up to the race day and those hills did not disappoint... still feeling them in my muscles nearly one week later. My brother, Levi, landed in Israel from a business trip in London, England mere hours before the race! Levi not only paced me the entire time but he ran ahead to snap photos and take video, making me (and everyone around us) laugh and smile... chanting and cheering as we ran through the tunnels. Bystanders lined the streets almost throughout the course, some holding encouraging signs, giving out high-fives. The city went all out on making sure the atmosphere was festive with clowns on stilts and live bands playing music. There were reportedly 20,000 participants running from 58 countries around the world!
Joules & me at the finish line

My running pace has never been very fast. I'm in it to win it... not for the speed but for the distance. If I can keep going that's all I need to make it worth it. While the race was joyful and fun, I admit, it was a relief to make it to the final kilometer and cross the finish line with my friend, Joules, who came all the way from Ohio, to run in the half marathon in my honor. Melanie Lidman, of the Jerusalem Post, wrote an article featuring us in last week's Friday JPost "In Jerusalem" section which can be viewed online here. I'd also like to thank Jeremy Wimpfheimer, of DJW Consulting, for his exceptional PR work for the Jerusalem Marathon.

DH, 4 of my bros & me
Running reminds me not only that I'm alive and well, breathing and sweating, but also WHY I'm here. I'm here, on this Earth, to enjoy the many wonders and gifts that G-d created. We live in a time where men and women of all religions, faiths, colors, and nations are privileged to participate in running side by side through the streets of Israel's capital city, Jerusalem! I'm overwhelmed and moved with euphoria and joy to be a part of this flock, this club that unites.  Phenomenal, sums it up! Thanks to the many wonderful, brave, running enthusiasts who signed up and joined my team, running for Team Tishkofet - Life's Door! Due to the generosity of our friends, family, and sponsors, we succeeded at raising over 25,000 shekels that will be used to fund programs directly serving Tishkofet patients. That's what I call living sincerely!

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