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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sabbath and Post-Sabbath

It was a hard week. The chemotherapy rollercoaster began on Sunday, when I took my pre-chemo blood test and realized my neutrophil counts weren't high enough. That problem was confirmed on Monday morning when I took another blood test at the hospital. I felt deflated when I heard I wouldn't be able to get my "milestone", halfway, number three chemo.... I was slightly amused at being disappointed about NOT getting chemotherapy but then again this whole process is getting through it, over and done with, not drawing it out for extra weeks! After some deliberation, my oncologist gave the go ahead. I would take my chemotherapy treatment and then get a shot of Neulastim 24 hours after. Neulastim is a miracle drug. It causes the bone marrow to produce new infection-fighters called, neutrophil cells, within a day! It's not without its own unique set of side effects, the common one being bone pain... and the least common one, death by spleen rupture... yes, it says that in the promotion video!

After chemo, on Monday evening, I went over to Zichron Menachem Day Center to see my kids there and talk to the ZM directors about my upcoming run. Going into the ZM Day Center is a wonderful feeling. Over this past week, something that has really brought me joy is thinking about running in the 5 K on Friday, October 26th, wearing my green and pink Zichron Menachem shirt! Over the past week, many people have donated to this wonderful organization that helps children through a cancer crisis and playing a small part in that gives me a lot of happiness.

I spent a lot of time sleeping or lying in bed over the past 5 days, waiting for the effects of the chemo and the Neulastim to ebb away. With the past two chemos, by the end of the Sabbath, I was ready to go out for a run. It's like being reborn... going from barely being able to focus on daily activities to suddenly feeling Human again. It's a wonderful feeling. It helps me look forward to the Sabbath after chemo and enjoy it for all it gives. A day of family. A day of rest. A day of thanks.

I'm just back from my post-Sabbath run and I'm still basking in the endorphins, feeling happy, alive, and sweaty. I pray that no matter what, I will always have my Shabbat and I'll always have my post-Shabbat.


  1. I'm glad that your family is behind you 100%.


  3. Glad you got your Neulastim (and Thank You! holy scientists for making it exist) and didn't have to delay chemo. Super happy to hear that your energy is good and your run gave you some happy :)

  4. The ZM T-shirts are pink and green? What they knew you were coming, eh? : )) Strength and prayers your way, dear!